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Story - London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport
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For our customers we are available in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport in London. We know that many men need female companionship in their spare time, which is why we are here totally to the service. When you are planning your departure from the airport or you are planning to visit London and other cities in the UK, then we are all the time here for you.

We have prepared for our clients some information about the airport, so if you will be using it the first time, then it will definitely be useful to you.

General information and location

London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in the UK and across Europe, is also the third in the world in terms of number of passenger. Every year there is about 70 million of them. It is located 24 kilometres west of central London. It has 5 terminals and it supports 90 airlines that run regularly to 90 countries around the world.


The airport has 5 terminals, so before departure should carefully check yours. It is recommended to be here 3 hours before a long flight, 2 hours before traveling to another European country and 1.5 hours prior to travel within the UK and Ireland.

Terminal 1 serves mainly flights to other European countries and the United States. It is used by airlines such as BMI British Midland, British Airways, United Airlines and LOT.

Terminal 2 is designed primarily for European connections. Such airlines are present here: Alitalia, Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Lufthansa.

Terminal 3 handles mostly flights to Asia and Africa. It is used by such airlines as Air China, Air India, EgyptAir, Qatar Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.

Terminal 4 is intended to handle flights to the United States, South America and Asia. It is used by British Airways, KLM, TAM Airlines and Delta Airlines.

Terminal 5 only supports British Airways flights.

In all terminals you can find eateries, services and shops, also including duty-free shops. There are available toilets, rooms for families with children, post offices, telephones, you can use internet, exchange offices, ATMs, etc.

Travellers can use two types of parking lots. These are the short-term parking up to one day and the long-term parking offers daily stop.

Transportation to the airport

London Heathrow Airport is located close to the M25, that is combined with other important roads leading to other parts of the country, and the M4 motorway, that is leading from London, western England and southern Wales. The journey to central London takes approx. an hour, though with unfavourable circumstances it may be up to two times longer.

Heathrow also has an express train. It stops at Paddington station in the city centre. The journey takes approx. 15 minutes. It is also possible to use the Heathrow Connect – in this case the ticket is slightly cheaper and the journey takes 25 minutes. The airport is connected to downtown via the Piccadilly Line subway lines. The average travel time is 40-50 minutes. It is marked in dark blue.

From London you can also use many bus lines and taxis.